The trust was set up in November 1996 as WHEAT Agro-Industrial Research and Consultancy Trust with the aim of contributing its share in poverty alleviation in the Horn of Africa. ‘WHEAT’ in supportive hands is not only an acronym of different needs of our service users, but also symbolises greenery, youthfulness, growth and development in all aspects of human life.

After a period of latency owing to the absence of funding and office space, the charity was restructured in November 2004 as WHEAT Mentor Support Trust (WHEAT MST) by adding into its existing overseas programmes an element of mentor support to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants who live in poverty in the United Kingdom.

WHEAT MST provides the following services:

  • One-to-one mentoring support to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants with Welfare, Health, Employment, Access to further/higher education and Training needs (in short WHEAT needs)
  • Sport, dance, arts, gardening and other activities to refugee and migrant children
  • Advice and Advocacy through social work students who come from various universities on a placement scheme
  • Assisting other agencies in the UK and overseas in setting up their own mentoring schemes through fundraising, research, consultancy, training and workshops.

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