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My mentoring relationship with my mentor is really good because she knew what I wanted to achieve. I have 3 things I want to achieve and she helped me by setting goals and deadlines. In order to try to solve problems she helped me reorganise my ambitions so that we can work around solving each problem one-by-one- starting with finding a job, study nursing then charity work.

We followed tasks set for finding a job e.g. hold meetings, fill in application forms then send it within a time limit. It was a good thing we set time limit because within 2 weeks I received confirmation that my application was accepted and asked for an interview. Since then I have been working as at a care centre.

I can say that the mentoring relationship was very successful.

Salia Bao, A Sierra Leonean mentee

Working with my mentee was very easy especially when it we established each other’s goals. One thing that I feel was successful about our mentoring relationship was “never disappoint always do your best”. This goes with everything we do e.g. if we decide a meeting we always follow it through and when homework is set we meet the deadline. Trust yourselves that you can achieve your goals.

I am very happy that my mentee has a full time job as a care worker and is still looking for a college to study nursing.

Mentoring is not easy, you have to be committed to it, and the relationship gets strained especially when mentee cannot be contacted. In order to overcome this we decided it was better if we had other forms contact such email etc and also can have phone mentoring sessions.

I can honestly and genuinely say that I am very pleased with my mentee for making this relationship such a great one and also their dedication was amazing. We would both like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Hailu Hagos and WHEAT MST for bringing us together and helping us meet each other’s needs. Thank you once again Dr Hailu Hagos

Benedicta Nadia Sarfo-Adu, A Ghanian Mentor

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