WHEAT Mentor Support Trust relies on the generosity of members, volunteers, donations from charitable organisations and friends of WHEAT Mentor Support Trust for the financing of its mission to maintain the quality of mentoring service. We, at WHEAT Mentor Support Trust, are grateful to you for your donation. Your donation will make a profound difference and a lifetime opportunity to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants during their transition to realise their potential, to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem; to improve their skills, and therefore to support themselves, their families and their communities.

Please give according to your means. To do donate, you can use WHEAT MST donation form and send it to the address below. WHEAT MST donation form

If you would like details of planned giving or one off donations or information about WHEAT Mentor Support Trust, please contact us on the address, telephone, fax or email address below. We will be pleased to provide further information.

Dr Hailu Hagos
WHEAT Mentor Support Trust
Community African Network (CAN)
Halkevi Community Centre
31-33 Dalston Lane
London E8 3DF
Telephone: 07847578556

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