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WHEAT MST also supports the children of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants aged 3-15 years old with the aim of promoting their physical and mental well being, social skills and their successful integration into the host society and become good citizens.

We offer free coaching in football, basketball, tennis, snooker, skittles and skipping. We also run activities such as dance, art, gardening, food preparation and farm trips.

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If you are interested in bringing your children to take part in the various activities WHEAT runs then please fill out the application form Project Activities Photos

The following quotes are from children, parents and project leaders of the first programme which stated in the Summer of 2007 “I like the variety of activities; the friendliness of everyone; the opportunity to work with children in a relaxed atmosphere. I think this was valuable experience for all concerned.”- Sue, Art Teacher

“I like watching the children progress and improve over the weeks; the children displaying confidence in all activities and always having a go; seeing it all come together at the end; seeing what the children had achieved. I thoroughly enjoy working with the children and fellow adults.” – Marina, Dance and Music Teacher

“It was such a pleasure to participate in this activity over the summer period. This group was a terrific group of basketball fans, who learnt quickly and had a good time playing every Saturday. Edwin Diosa (level 2 coach), assisted the group and carried out most of the sessions. He was very impressed with the development of these young players. We look forward to repeat the experience. Providing access to a sport activity to refugee/migrant children is a new experience and has a positive impact on their well-being, their health, not to mention making new friends and having a good time in a safe environment.” – Jose Celorio, Basketball Coach, Summer 2007

“The art and dance was useful and it was fun." - Child A

“It made me feel happy. It is useful because it helps me and other children become more active. It also stops kids being bored." - Child B

“Meeting new people was great.” – Child C

“It is a good programme for these kids. Keep it up!” – Parent A

“Activities were fun, children enjoyed themselves, excellent care given, nutritious lunches.” – Parent B

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